Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Health Hero!!

A while ago I was contacted by Judy from The American Recall Center. The American Recall Center is "a brand new site devoted to providing health and wellness news in simple, straightforward terms." This month their focus is a Who Keeps You Healthy campaign. They are highlighting Health Heroes from all over the blogosphere. And, of course I agreed!! I'd love to talk about who keeps me healthy. This month they are focusing on hip replacement awareness.

There are a TON of people who keep me in check. Most of whom read this blog and help me feel confident even in my failures. So "Thank You" to all of you!! Truthfully, there are too many people to name, so just know, your comments and faith gives me a ton of inspiration and I hope I can be the same inspiration to you throughout your fitness journey.

But, I'm going to be totally cliche' here, and focus on the one that means the most, my Goober. My husband, although totally hunky now, was not always this FITabulous. He struggled a lot with his weight when he was younger and was determined to get himself in check. When he was in high school, he joined an MMA school and got himself in the gym. Despite some skepticism from some friends, he worked his ass off and dropped the weight. He even became one of the most talented members of his MMA school. And most impressive of all, kept the weight off and kept up with his new discipline! Now he works out at least 5 days a week and is training to be in a weight lifting competition.

Mike is my Health Hero. While we may not always eat the way we should, and of course, drank the way we should, he has taught me the importance of staying healthy. He's patient and helpful, and when we work out together he pushes me and makes me work harder than I ever would alone. It's because of him that I have developed a love and connection with weight lifting, and I feel stronger and more fit than I ever have in my adult life. He's never rude or degrading, even on days when I give up or fall of the wagon. And he always there to pick me right back up and get me back on track.

Too bad he doesn't read this blog. haha. He might be impressed with himself!


  1. You are doing awesome!!
    I would feel the need to constantly up my game if I woke up to that much muscle beside me, though. Lol

  2. oh man! Your boo is one awesome guy! It's great when you have a partner that can help keep you on track and accountable in way that still makes you feel good.