Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Danae put on this awesome linkup every month!! Check it out!

OK, so I can finally post on this one this month. I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget.

Here's the truth, Mike and I joke and have one liners all the time. But...I can never remember it!! So, this time when he said this, I wrote it down. 

It's not something funny. Sorry ti dissapoint. It's just something you would think you would never hear come out of a man's mouth.

One day we were looking through the "motivation" pics I have posted on Pinterest. I was looking for the "perfect ass" so I brought up a bunch of the pics and asked Mike, "Ok, so which of these girls has the perfect ass?" and we started scrolling through. 

Eventually we came to this photo.

And this ma-fucker said..."No. That gap between her legs is too much.".....*crickets*

"WHAAAAA!! Are you kidding me??? I mean that gap is only what every woman in America strives for!!"

"Yeah. It's too much."


So there it is ladies....don't work too hard!! That gap is "too much"!!


  1. I've learned that a lot of guys like thick legs, although it's super contradicting to the women's view of the body!! I say kudos to him! :)

  2. hahaha my boothang calls the thigh gap the diamond cutter! I love that he told you it's too big, who says that?!