Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I started T25...

...and I'm actually writing this right after. Holy Crapizoid!! And it's only day 1!! I'm so nervous. I should really stop reading what other people have written because I'm starting to get super freaked out about the future workouts. I also forgot that you were supposed to start on a Monday but I still started with the Cardio workout.

Here are a few least from someone who just started this whole thing. Don't start from being a straight lazy fat lard like I did. Get your cardio up before starting. I had to do the modified version starting at about 3 minutes in. I was already done, out of breath, and in pain. If the workout was any longer than 25 minutes there is no way in hail I would have made it.

Also, make sure you're still not harboring a cold when you begin your workout. I'm pretty sure, since I was doing cardio and all, being able to breath would be a requirement. Plus, since when I breath heavy it feels like razor blades are cutting the back of my throat, the whole nonstop no water thing just didn't work today. I admit I took 2 very very short water breaks. But legit like 5 seconds. And I kept moving. Booyah!!'s the before and after pic I took. I was so nervous. I truthfully don't like doing videos because I feel like I don't give my best. This time, I really did. Although I was doing the modified version...but I was grunting and moaning and really trying. I promise!!

But then....I came downstairs and made myself a protein shake. Yup...she's in a huge beer mug. Hey, it kinda tames my craving. But, overall, at the moment, while I'm sitting here writing I'm really proud of myself for pushing through. And even though I did the puss modified version I know I'll eventually make it to where I can do it full fledged. I hope. lol.

Until then...cheers!!

Stay tuned because tomorrow I'm going to give my measurements. I can't believe I'm doing this. lol.


  1. Great job!!! You've got this and it will only get easier!!! Sometimes I put my shakes in a mason jar!!

  2. Way to go!!! You gotta start somewhere :)

  3. Loving this! Totally motivating me! Soooooo I dunno what T25 is and I'm not sure I wanna know.

  4. wahoo. Great job!
    t25 sounds pretty intense idk if i could do it lol.
    What is your recipe on your protein shake?

  5. Yay! Wow, looks intense! Way to rock it :-)

  6. What kind of protein shakes are you doing? I am trying to get myself back on the healthy train myself!

  7. I love T25! It's quick, intense and gets the job done. Can't wait to see your results. I am currently using Reliv products for my shakes and energy. Love them!