Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Fail!!

I don't want to repeat everything in this post because most of you followers already follow me through Hopelessly Ever After. Long story short, I had an awesome weekend!! I went and surprised my bestie with her sister in VA for her birthday. So awesome. Check out Hopelessly Ever After for more deets. Plus I have a giveaway going on over there!! Here's a quick pic.

However....with that, means that I failed desperately in the food department. I feel like Mike and I have been doing awesome with our diets and I'm so proud of us, and I knew that going away this weekend I was going to be eating some things that aren't exactly healthy for me. was waaay worse than I had imagined.

Friday night when we went out I had been drinking all day. So, knowing we were also going to drink all night I got myself a burger...with hush puppies. I also got mussels for an appetizer, but I don't think they were that bad. Maybe a little high in sodium because of the broth, but, overall not bad. Please let me know if I'm wrong about that. lol. I don't know a ton about eating well.

But then, I drank, and drank, and drank that night. And ate frozen pizza. It was bad. And I didn't care. Until Saturday morning.....

UUMMM Hangover from hell. I honestly didn't remember being that drunk when I went to bed, but apparently my liver didn't agree. Ugh, it was awful. And all I wanted was something fried. So....I got it. Crab and corn fritters. And they were delish!! Not to mention we ate at Flip Flops in Va Beach which, if anyone watches Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, you might know Guy went there for an episode. So, of course I was stoked to try their food. And I tried a little bit of everyones. lol. The tater tot nachos were on point!! Ugh, now I'm hungry again.

Unfortunately, they didn't satisfy my needs and I kept eating, all day. And then I thought...why not bite the dog that bit ya, and started drinking again....

So in short, I failed miserably this weekend. But, when I got home I had a salad!! Ugh...this week is going to be hard. One step at a time!!

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