Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recipe: Taco Salad

I know, I know...it's been almost a month since I've posted and I'm really sorry. Truth is, I haven't kept up with either blog that well lately. And, there's really no excuse except I'm lazy.

I was talking with someone recently about how it seems like I'm so busy, but I'm really not at all. So, I'm not sure why I can never find time to do anything. And, and I don't mean this in a mean way, my blog is last when it comes to priorities with my family. Even though it's just Mike and I, if I ever felt like he was upset about me blogging or really thought it took up too much time, I would stop.

But, I'm here today with my new food craving. Taco salads. Mike and I have tacos or burritos about once a week. Lately I have been craving some taco salads and thought of a cool way to do the actual tortilla bowl, so we went for it a few weeks ago. It was delicous!! And Mike was convinced he would never be full by it, and would have to have 2, but he was wrong!! They were so filling, and it's all great stuff to eat, so I figured I would post the recipe.

Taco Salad

1 lb. extra lean ground beef
1 pkg. low sodium taco seasoning
3-4 burrito sized flour tortillas
shredded cheese
sour cream
and any other toppings of your choice

Preheat oven to 375ยบ and spray two cereal bowls with nonstick spray. Brown ground beef and season according to package directions. Set aside. Chop up toppings and other ingredients.

Gently push tortillas down into the cereal bowls. You may have to fold some edges to make them fit. If you have a slightly bigger bowl that will work just as well. Place in oven for about 10 minutes or until the edges seem to be crispy. Take tortillas out of the bowl and place bottoms up on rack until bottom gets crispy.

Take bowls out and fill with ingredients. 

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