Friday, December 6, 2013


It's Friday!!! 

1. I have to say that this week went by pretty quickly considering last week was only 2 days. And...only 2 weeks left before my 2 week Christmas break!! Damn, when I think of it that way it makes that Christmas Break seem like it's sooooo long!! Wohoo!!

2. I have done my T25 workout every single day since Thanksgiving. I took off on Thanksgiving Day partly because I was a tad bit hungover but mostly because it was such a busy day and I knew I was going to be eating crappy that day (which now that I think about it doesn't make sense). So what I did was decide Thursday was my Saturday and I have worked out every day straight. Even through me being sick!! Go me!! Not to toot my own horn or anything...

3. We finally got the Christmas tree up in all it's beauty. I love this season. The ambience a room gets when it's only lit by candles and twinkle lights gives me chills. I love it!!

(omg...Google+ just did this for it!!)

4. Today isn't over yet, kids have been surprisingly good this week!! I think most of them are sick. haha. So they're quiet. Let's hope this keeps up until the break.

5. So far this week at school we have had donuts, a huge thing of chocolates, cookies, and today is Goodie Day. And I have stayed away!! Well, except for a teeny tiny plate of food this morning. But I promise, nothing bad!! I had some veggies and a piece of cheese. And a tiny piece of bread with a tiny bit of cream cheese. I know....but I'm still proud. I usually load up on this 'ish.

Linking up with Lauren today!!


  1. Work food temptations are the worst I swear!!! Great job! Way to keep in moderation!!

  2. Do you track your calories? or just watching what you eat and the portions?

  3. Love the tree and the pic effects :) Good job on the workouts!

  4. Good for you! If you can say no to those sweets you can say no to anything! Ii bet you felt better in the day from eating the healthy food instead, I get so sleepy when I eat sugar. Especially a sugar overload! Score for working out on the weekends too, you're doing awesome :-)

  5. Keep up the good work with the T25!!!!