Saturday, December 28, 2013

Unexpected hiatus...

If you follow on Hopelessly Ever After, you probably already read most of this. I just added in my lack of being healthy. haha.

Well...looks like I took a little break there, huh?!? lol. Truth is we have been super busy. Last Friday night we had our FriendsChristmas Dinner. It was good but we must have been bad entertainers because mostly everyone left by 10. haha. Truthfully, Fridays are like Tuesdays to me and I went right to sleep. lol.

Then, between Christmas Eve and Christmas plus the day after Christmas shopping we really haven't had any down time. And, if we did most of it was in the home theater watching movies and drankin. 

And, while it seems like the easiest time to blog, during my time off, it's actually more challenging for me because I like to relax during that time. Like literally sit here in my pjs with my blanket drowning myself in horrible reruns and Lifetime movies. Like I'm doing right now......

So...I can't make any promises about whether or not next week will be better. But I'll try. :)

I've also been super super horrible with my eating. Like worse than I can even explain.'s the big one....I haven't done T25 in a week!! I did, however, work out a few times in the gym. But, I know I've totally screwed myself. I don't necessarily feel like I've put my weight back on (although I'm not sure I lost any to begin with), but...I am so less motivated to do T25 right now.

I have to admit, I feel like I didn't progress that much. Compared to what I heard from other people and all, but...I'm going to be writing about that some time later on. That's not entirely the reason why I have been slacking off. I've also been sick with sinus stuff so it's hard to be jumping up and down and all with snot running out of your nose and your head pounding, but truthfully, thats only an excuse.

I honestly, just LOVE going to the gym. Yeah, it's only 25 minutes of my day for T25, but I would rather spend the 2 hours at the gym lifting weights. And everyone is can do it at home it's so easy...but I'm actually debating taking it to the gym with me and doing it there. I'm too lazy to do it at home because there are so many things I could be doing!! Like sitting on the couch. Boo!!

OK, anyway, I'm going to stop there. Wish me luck for getting back on that train...maybe I'll post a progress pic soon if I feel like there has been any...'s a little montage from our Christmas Eve Celebration!!


  1. I totally feel ya...All my free time has been spent playing mindless games and trying to enjoy my time off. Don't feel guilty...and we won't even talk about the cheetos and orange juice I'm consuming as I type this.

  2. its ok girly, it was the holidays, you can get back on track :)
    I plan to start little bit over the weekend and get fully back on track on monday.