Thursday, December 12, 2013

I skipped a day...and I need help

...I know, I know. I did it yesterday. I was going to hide it from you guys, but I know you are my motivation so I put it out there. The only thing that allows me not to feel bad about it is that I DID go to the gym yesterday. I actually got some time to go with Mike and I went and did chest and triceps. I LOVED IT!! I honestly would much prefer lifting at the gym than any other workout. Something about usually being the only girl in there lifting with the guys makes me feel POWERFUL!!

And truth is I had full intentions of coming home and doing my T25 but then we stopped at the parent's house and went to the grocery store, and by the time we got home I was hungry and exhausted. I did actually drive 5 hours yesterday so I had some excuse. .......right?!?.....

Well, anyways....I need some help finding myself one of those nifty calorie counter watches. I know Polar makes some but I honestly don't want anything fancy. I just like to know how many calories I burn throughout my workouts. I've looked at the Polar ones and I think they look really expensive and do a bunch of 'ish I'm clearly too lazy to figure out. I see them all over the place and I'm sure someone knows something I don' please help!!

Thanks loves!!

Leaving you with a little motivation that Britney gave this morning!! And thanks Alicia for tagging me!!


  1. skipping a day is not bad!! Just don't get discouraged when you skip a day (i used to do that a lot) and then make a habit of it. What worked for me was setting goals, like I said if I go to the gym everyday for one week i get to go for a pedicure, or I can buy a new top if i work out twice a day for a week, etc... I found the reward system worked really well for me to get myself into the habit of working out everyday. eventually you will just get addicted to it and not need it! Also, if you love lifting check into body pump classes, I have been going once a week for a few months and have noticed a huge difference!

  2. Technically you didn't skip since you hit of the gym, so don't be so hard on yourself! If you find a good, cheap, simple watch please let us know!!!

    PS - T25 is officially kicking my ass. The full body circuit? UGHHH.

  3. I have a FitBit One, it counts steps, stairs, calories, distance, and at night it tracks your sleeping habits. I like it lot. FitBit makes a variety of counters tho, you could check out some of the other types.

  4. It's just one day! Good to be accountable but try to take each day at atime. I am the opposite at the gym! I feel so out of place and in the way when I lift! Hate it! I need a buddy system!!!

  5. I loved that motivational picture I posted. Sounds like there was a few of is that needed to read it! :)
    It's ok you skipped a happens don't best your self up too bad I hope today is a better day do you