Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let's Be Honest...

...I never thought I would stick with this T25 stuff. I knew I would slack off on the days I was tired and quit whenever it got hard. Which is why I'm totally proud of myself. I can honestly say I have tried so hard to stick with this. Even being sick over the last 3 weeks hasn't hindered me too much.

I have to admit I didn't work out on Thanksgiving. We just had too much going on and truthfully, I was a tad bit hungover. But, I didn't take my skip day on Saturday either. I worked through it.

The only thing I haven't been able to stay with is the double workout on Friday. I mean, who puts that on a Friday?? OK, so yeah. Most people would be good with it. But, I'm a slacker by nature.

And...if you don't mind me tooting my own horn again...during the first week I followed the moderator almost the entire time. Now, I barely follow her at all!! Occasionally when my ankles hurt or I'm about to pass out I'll jump into what she's doing, but let the sweat tell you, I'm workin it!! "Focused" as Mack Daddy Shaun would say.

I can feel myself slacking though. Like thinking, who would know if I just go in there and sit and watch the thing for 25 minutes? But ladies and ladies.....I'm not!! I'm going to stick with this and werk it!!

Only 7 more weeks to go!


  1. I am jumping on your T25 train! I am going to for real start Monday along with the schedule...but I did the cardio work out this morning just to see what I was getting into. I was proud of myself that I didn't you the modifier the entire time, but man what a sweat I worked up! My thighs are burning now too! Congrats on sticking with it! Why is being good so hard?

  2. What's t25? dont think i've heard of it or either I'm behind as always.

    but i know you can do it. You can do anything you set your mind too

  3. I need to youtube and see how intense these workouts are! I need a good workout that will make me sweat!!!
    Keep up the great work

  4. You sound so motivated - maybe you can get me motivated too :) I love your blog - I am a new follower!