Monday, February 3, 2014

I've been hiding...

OK, so here's the truth. I've been sucking at this whole fitness thing. I was doing great when I started T25 and this blog and I really should get back on it. But........I'm just not motivated. AT. ALL. And truly I'm so depressed with this damn snow that all I want to do is feel comfortable which means I'm eating bad and sitting on the couch a lot. And it doesn't help when work does this to me....even though I didn't have one.

And....from what we've heard, February is supposed to have the worst snow yet!! Worse than what we have already had. And Mike just got a notification from work that it could start tonight. And I might cry myself into oblivion if that's true. And, and, and....

I honestly think if I could do some workouts at home...and not hot sweaty workouts like T25...I would be able to make up for some of the stuff I do at the gym. Like get a few sets of dumbbells and work it. My main problem with T25 is that I have to change into a tank top and shorts and it's too damn cold for that. But if I could just wear my pjs to work out I'd be better.

Honestly, if we weren't so broke right now I would be on point!! The only reason I don't go to the gym every night is because it costs so much in gas money. Now that we're 20 minutes away from the gym it's not as easy as it was before.

I might check out the YMCA across the street from my school. The only thing is that I pay for our gym, too so by the time I pay for the YMCA I might as well just pay the gas for my gym. lol. #beastmodeproblems

I guess one good thing I have been doing is planning out meals. Well, dinners at least. Lunches I already prep for. But then again, that's more money. And I organized my Pinterest boards so it's easier to look for stuff.

Hopefully I'll be able to get back in the grind sooner rather than later. Doesn't look like I'll be a swimsuit model this summer. Maybe next year...


  1. Stop being so hard on yourself. I think everyone is having issues staying motivated . I know I am. I keep spending more money on workout crap in hopes it will motivate me. Not going as I have it planned in my mind. For some reason in my little brain I think Monday is my only chance to a fresh start. SOOOOOO today is Monday and I'm going try my best to stay focused. If it snows in Michigan I may just run to Mexico...wanna go?

  2. I totally understand! The past month or so has been sooo hard to stay motivated! I love some of the 10 minute solution dvds to do at home, because I can make my workout as big or little and tought as I want it!

  3. I work out on my pj's! Its the best! Who cares what flops around when no one can see you!

  4. I am also battling to get back on track. I started off so well, but have lost momentum! :(