Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We can Wednesday!!

So, this week I'm not doing well at motivation, again........aaaaaaggggggain........but that's ok. I'm sorry. It's honestly just too damn cold. Maybe I can figure out how to get in the swing of things again when it's warm and then maybe next summer will be my summer to be skinny. haha. Pray for no broken bones!! If it wasn't for that stupid foot I'd still be on track. I just need a routine and not one that demands be to work out every single day of the week. And how can you resist doing things like this...

But one thing I am good at is meal prep. Well, at least for lunch and sometimes breakfast. lol. And the way I do it it doesn't take me long at all!! So....I figured I would share some things with you guys and hopefully it can help you, too!!

Breakfast, is so simple. Hard boil some eggs grab 2 every morning and enjoy. I also love me some breakfast wraps. Scramble some eggs, throw in a tiny bit of shredded cheese, some sauteed onions and peppers, turkey sausage if you have it, wrap it up. Wrap it in saran wrap or foil. Freeze. Grab one whenever you need it and throw it in the microwave on like 70% for a few minutes and turn halfway. Here is a recipe I wrote a while ago on Hopelessly Ever After.

OK, now, to each their own, but I love seafood. So most of my lunches consist of fish or shrimp, but chicken is also definitely the way to go!! I usually get the big frozen bag of tilapia and the cooking is the EASIEST!! OK, thaw your fish, then sprinkle each side with some salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, etc. Then, broil top side down for about 5ish minutes depending on the size. When they start to turn white, you're good. Then turn it over and brush a tiny bit of light mayo...and I mean a tiny bit over the top and broil for a few more minutes. Done. Cook up some rice and broccoli and you're done!!

For the shrimp, I also buy mine frozen. I prefer the uncooked kind because I like to sauté mine in garlic and a little bit of olive oil, but it's up to you. The uncooked kind is a little more time consuming because you have to shell them. But honestly, so easy. Sprinkle a tiny bit of olive oil in a saute pan, then add some minced garlic. Drop in those thawed shrimp, sprinkle some salt and pepper and move em around a little until they turn pink. Don't overcook because remember you have to reheat when lunchtime comes. Then again, cook up some rice and broccoli and you're done!! 

OK and lunch numero tres!! Mike and I make an awesome, easy as 'ish crockpot chicken. It's not as healthy as grilled chicken, but it's soooo good. can use FROZEN chicken!! That's right!!! OK, so, put a few frozen chicken breasts in a crockpot, about 2 cups reduced sodium chicken broth, half a packet of taco seasoning, half a packet of ranch seasoning (you can do a whole packet we just try to keep it healthier). Cook on low at least 6 hours. We like to drain some of the broth out just to dry it up a little for tacos but if you're putting it on rice you might want it a little moist. moist. moist. Add some hot sauce or fresh salsa and voila!!

What do you prep for your meals?!?! I need ideas!!

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  1. I love chicken in the crock pot! You can do anything with it. Our fav is shred the chicken after it's cooked throw it back n the crock for like 30 mins with buffalo sauce and making buffalo chicken whatever! I usually have it as a salad! And will has it as a wrap! So good! Thanks for the fish info! I never know how to cook it! My go-to lunch is quiche. It makes so much and you can make it with just about anything!

  2. thanks for linking up Chick!
    I SUCK at meal planning!!!!!!!! I am home 95% of the time, thats probably why
    I need more and better bfast shake ideas! I dont like eating at breakfast, i would rather have a shake that keeps me full until 1 or 2 pm. I hope the weather brightens up, so you can get into a routine!!!!

  3. I would be so good at meal planning if i would JUST DO IT!
    And I really should because it would save sooo much money!
    Next grocery trip I am going to try it!
    Thanks for linking up girl! You Rock!

  4. Try Fitness Blender they have some GREAT workouts, and you can just work out whatever you want! Best part the workouts are all free :)