Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We Can Wednesday!

So I'm not even going to mention my goals this!! Life goes on!! Hey I went to the gym!! once....

Anywhooooooooo...while I was at the gym that one day I "came up with" a great leg workout!! And you can do it in our pj's!!! Which we all know is my goal in life. :)

You see, when I work out with Mike I die. And by the time we were going into our 5th chest exercise I was done. D.O.N.E. done. I always push myself hardest with him, which is good...but I should probably learn to pace myself. So, when he went on to exercise number 6 I had had enough so I decided to work it leg style instead!!

I have seen some people do these before and I couldn't even tell you where, but I thought I would give it a try. What can a little extra leg workout hurt??

I think they are technically called body weight squats, but all you have to do is drop it low as fast and as many times as you can in a row!! I found this video but it's a little shady...I'll explain after you watch.

First off, this mofo is at a playground in shorty shorts and no shirt getting down on some squats.......................................*crickets*.............................shaaaaady! And the whole flash to him laying in the bed............I can't.

Soooo...I did 30 of these in a row and numero uno I couldn't breathe after. Then....I totally cramped up every time I took a step. haha. Worked the eff out biotches!!! Well, apparently not as worked out as Creeper Steve there, but, I would have done more if Mike wasn't done his workout at that point. I think a few short breaks in between help, too.

So, get on it ladies!! Let me know how many you can do before stopping. And how do you feel afterwards??


  1. Oh no. No. No. No. Lol
    He says the burn starts after 200 squats?? I can barely make it through 20 without feeling the burn lol

  2. squats SUCK lol eeeeeek slowly building up my strength and stamina to be able to handle more exercises.