Sunday, January 5, 2014

I failed...miserably...

But don't worry....I'm back on it tomorrow!!

Over this break I was HORRIBLE! And I mean horrible. The only good thing I did was make three healthy dinners and I also hit up the gym about 6 or 7 times. Other than that, I sat on my lard ass and ate good food. Which really wasn't all that great!!

I drank beer. Lots of beer. And also a ton of liquor and wine. I tell you, alcohol is my downfall.

But........I'm getting back on it I tell you!! I just got done preparing meals for this week. I made some tilapia and rice and some shrimp and rice. I hard-boiled some eggs for breakfast and packaged some snacks for in between. I even found my half-gallon water bottle and filled her up ready for tomorrow!!

T-25 and I haven't seen each other for 2 weeks. But tomorrow, I'm going to go back to week 5 and starting her all over. At least I hit up the gym a few times while I was on break. Actually I worked myself the hell out a few of those days. I haven't deadlifted or done official barbell squats since I broke my foot and I sucked it up and got on it last week. I couldn't walk for a few days. And, thanks to Mike, I pushed myself way farther than I thought I could go. See!! This is why I need a partner!!

And I think my new Sunday thing is going to be setting my goals for the week. Probably a lot of the time they are going to be the same, but hey...why reinvent the wheel, right?!?

So here are my goals for this week:
#1. T-25 for 6 days unless I do 2 workouts on Friday and then T-25 for 5 days.
#2. Drink at least a half gallon of water a day. I know you're supposed to drink a gallon but honestly, water and I don't really like each other. It has to be cold for me to drink it and I don't have a lot of pee breaks throughout the day so I have to limit myself. I think I need to build myself up and figure how to get in that much water while I teach.
#3. Plan ahead 3 healthy dinners. I would love to do more than that but eating healthy is so expensive!! And...Mike likes to cook, too, so...I can't take that away from him. :) And, if they turn out good, I'll be sharing them for Taste of Tuesdays!!

Be sure to stop by for Taste of Tuesday this week because I have an awesome Skinny Enchilada dish!!

Anywhoo....thanks to all of you who are keeping me on track!! Now...let's do this thang!!


  1. I was terrible over the holidays too! And I also hate water! I feel your pain :)

  2. I have ate everything in site over the holidays... but tomorrow I'm back on the healthy wagon. I feel like I went on a 3 week bender.. btw..I drank beer too, don't beat yourself up over it!