Friday, January 17, 2014

A Crappies Follow Through Friday

It's Happies and Crappies day and Follow Through Friday, so I figured I would combine them.

Long story short. My week of "fitness" was crap. So, I'll start with those and end on my one Happy for the week.

1. I didn't make it to the gym or do any kind of working out once this week. There. I said it. Mike asked me about 100000000 times, "Are you going to do T25 tonight?" "No." "What are you just done with that? You're giving up.".............. Shut up assmunch. Leave me alone.

2. I ate like 'ish this week. The only time I was decent was lunch and apparently my stomach thought otherwise yesterday. Houston, we almost had a problem. Actually I'm starting to feel a little rumble in the Bronx at the moment so maybe it was just the opposite. That the eating like 'ish is causing me an "issue". That's why it sucks being a teacher, sometimes. I have a one person bathroom in my classroom. But....I can't go in there and "use it" when I have a class. So, I have to pucker up and deal. (Sorry not sorry if this was too nasty for anyone. If so, you might not want to read the post I'm planning on for next week. If it uses a "crappy" word in the title, look away.)

Proof that I wanted to eat good this week......
3. I didn't get the water intake I wanted this week either. Same issues as #2. I can't use the bathroom whenever I want so holding your bladder for-ev-er is a problem. However, I did realize that peeing after you've held it for a REALLY long time is one of the best feelings ever!! Plus, I just wasn't really thinking about it so the jug just pretty much sat on my desk.

or "Happy" because there's only one.
1. Next week is a new week. I'm not going to dwell on how horrible I did this week. I'm going to suck it up and make it better.....I hope.

Stop back on Monday ladies!! Hopelessly Ever After and some awesome ladies are hosting a Valentine's Day giveaway and I'm posting it on here, too!!
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  1. Absolutely yes to #3!!! I have the same problem! I know that I need to drink more water. Sometimes I will remember to drink more during lunch and I am doing the pee dance by 2:00.... problem is I have kids until 3:30 and can't go until then. Bleh! #teacherproblems

  2. We are all here for support girly! The point is you are getting back to what you need to do, keep it up you can do this!!!!!!!!

  3. You can do it! Keep it up!