Friday, January 24, 2014


Oh my Gooooooodness!! (Sheneneh style) I'm so excited to have all these new followers!!! Today is the last day to enter the giveaway so go head over there and be sure you did everything!!

Today is Friday!!!! Which means I have to tell you how well I followed through this week!! And ladies I'm excited!!! Well....about one thing at least. haha.


Here were my goals from Sunday:
 (remember I'm doing it Saturday to Friday now so I really started Saturday)

1. Work out at least 4 days including one day of cardio. (I know one day isn't a lot but I hate HATE cardio so start slow) I already got one good workout in yesterday and I know I will be getting in another tomorrow. That covers 2 days already which only leaves me two more. Totally doable. 
2. Get in 4 solid days of good water intake drinking at least a half gallon a day. I did this already once before so I know I can do it again. I find it so much harder to drink that water at home. There are so many more tastier options. I'm only at school 4 days this week so once again I'm setting a goal I know I can attain. Maybe I'll try for some days at home next week.
3. Eat a pre-planned or at least healthy meal for at least 2 meals per day. I've already planned out the dinners, but I know something will happen to where I don't actually make dinner. It always does. We've got 3 solid days already planned worth of healthy dinners. I hope I can get to them!!
4. Eat healthy snacks, and don't overeat them. I love "pops" (mini rice cakes cheddar cheese flavor). But the problem is I could literally eat the entire bag in one sitting. So....I need to pre package them I think. The problem that every time Mike has a day off we use the night to go in the theater and watch movies or catch up on tv shows. And....we take snacks up there with us. Usually gummy bears and pops. I think if I have a baggie full rather than the entire bag, it could definitely be a little healthier. I also want to get some pineapple, bananas, cucumbers, carrots, etc. and make a healthy greek yogurt ranch dip instead of ranch dressing. I love veggies and ranch dip so it would be a healthier option.

And here is how I did!!!
#1. I will just have you know that I did not workout 4 days this week. I worked out 6 baby!!! That's right. 6 damn days!! In the snow!! And one of those days I was hungover and tired, but I did it!! Now, unfortunately one of those days was not cardio. haha. Told you I h.a.t.e. cardio. But I mean I worked out 2 extra days!! Chum on Cletus! (update: clearly I wrote this the night before and had full intentions of going to the gym today, but I didn't make it. So 5 days. But still better than 4!!

#2. BIG FAT FAIL!! I actually didn't get in even one good day of water intake. We had off school literally all week because of the snow. I never drink as much as I should when I'm at home let alone that it be water. There are too many other options!! Maybe next week.

#3. FAIL! Once again, being home all week sucks for my diet. I literally planned the entire set of meals this week. I always have a healthy lunch. I usually make tilapia and rice or shrimp and rice. But, being home, and especially in the snow, makes me want everything unhealthy. And Wednesday I had an all time low. I told Mike I wanted to hit up happy hour. We usually just get wings which is bad enough, but this week we ordered loaded fries, wings, and then ate half of our friends deep fried jalapeno check dip. Ugh. makes me sick just thinking about it. (not really, it makes me hungry...)

#4. I actually think I did pretty well with this. I didn't prepackage my "pops" but I did only buy the small bag and I didn't finish the whole thing. I'm so in love with them, though. But, I also went and bought a pineapple and some cucumbers to snack on, too!! So, I wouldn't call this a fail, but I wouldn't necessarily say I did what I had intended to.

OK, so my goals for this week are:

#1. Continue to try to get at least 4 days of working out in. Since I won't be home as much this week it might be a true test of whether or not this goal is attainable for normal weeks. And, again, one day of cardio. I'm going to do this this week. I promise. I hope......

#2. 5 days of good water intake. Half gallon or more. I really think I can do this this time.

#3. 3 nights of healthy meals. I have a Pinterest board called "Gettin Right" where I have a ton of recipes and workouts and all that. Tomorrow, I'll sit down with Mike and we can choose three of them. Then, he can choose whatever else he might want this week. I like him to think he has a say in it. It helps him be a little more agreeable. lol. I'm going to do the premade lunches so that's easy, and hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Hopefully I can fit in a few snacks at work, too.

Alright chicks!! Your turn!! What are your goals this week??


  1. I feel like being home is the HARDEST part of being healthy. I never a think to work out at home, gym rat! I prep and make most of our meals ahead of time. But honestly hubs does the cooking during the week. So we sit down on shopping day and plan out what he has to make and what I have to prep for lunches and quick meals. It divides up the work load. We ended up with too much this week! But the minute I'm home I eat BAD! See cookie dough I ate

  2. Wow 6 days! Good job! I give you major props to working out the day that you were hungover and tired. I never make it to the gym on those days! I know you said you hate cardio, but you should check out the treadmill workout that I posted yesterday. It keeps the cardio from being boring! Happy Friday!