Friday, January 10, 2014

Follow Through Friday!!


It's Follow Through Friday!!!! If you don't know about it, click on the button at the top and you'll find out all about it. And thank God, too, because lord knows I need something constant to keep my on my goals.

So I'm doing okay this week. I wouldn't say I'm doing great but it's Friday so I have one more day to make myself feel better about it. lol. 

On Sunday I came up with a few goals for this week. I wanted to make sure I had something to hold me accountable. If you don't remember these were the goals...

#1. T-25 for 6 days unless I do 2 workouts on Friday and then T-25 for 5 days.
#2. Drink at least a half gallon of water a day. I know you're supposed to drink a gallon but honestly, water and I don't really like each other. It has to be cold for me to drink it and I don't have a lot of pee breaks throughout the day so I have to limit myself. I think I need to build myself up and figure how to get in that much water while I teach.
#3. Plan ahead 3 healthy dinners. I would love to do more than that but eating healthy is so expensive!! And...Mike likes to cook, too, so...I can't take that away from him. :) And, if they turn out good, I'll be sharing them for Taste of Tuesdays!! is where I am with my progress...

#1. I did T25 on Monday. I was NOT successful. I also have not done it since. lol. But I did go to the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday I took my rest day because I'm going to be working my butt off Saturday morning with one of my friends and her cousin. She does all the awesome exercise classes that I have wanted to attend so I'm doooiiinnn it!!! So....kinda successful??

#2. Well...Monday I forgot my water bottle and, although I didn't win Val's giveaway, I found my half gallon water bottle so I can keep track of how much I'm drinking. But......I've drank a half gallon or more since Tuesday!! I honestly did not think I could do this. I'm not a big water drinker, but I'm proud of myself and could even up it if I wanted. Although, I don't think I'll be able to because I've about peed myself many times over the week when I can't get a break between classes.

#3. So................the "plan ahead" thing worked, but.......we didn't actually make the healthy dinners. I'm doing one tonight, though!! But I'm not sure it's honestly that healthy unless I put it into the recipe thingy on that website and find out. Monday Mike wanted burgers (but I only ate half), Tuesday we sucked and had Chinese, Wednesday we went to Mike's mom's which is something I can't give up because she is an amazing cook, and last night we made Cubans with the leftover pretzel bread from Monday.....tonight I'm going to attempt to make healthy ziti. Cross ya fingas!!

So, honestly I don't know how I did. I didn't meet my goals, but I did okkkkkk???? Maybe next week will be better. I'll update on the rest of my success (see...staying positive) on Sunday!!

Peace chicks!


  1. your doing great girly! As long as you never fully GIVE UP you will never fail in my eyes :)

  2. Agreed! You are doing great, and I need to find a half gallon jug because I am currently lugging around a full gallon of water... and I look a fool.

    Thanks for linking up lady!!
    Camo & Lipstick

  3. I have heard awesome things about T25 - I'm going to have to look into that!

  4. This is awesome progress, sister. Great goals too. Thanks so much for linking up with us! :)