Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Win some, Lose some...

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So, while I knew this journey wasn't going to be easy, I should have realized that starting it during the holidays would just set me up for failure.

As I mentioned, T25 and I haven't seen each other for 3 weeks. Except for Monday. I tried to do the Whole Body Circuit on Monday and failed miserably. I was out of breath within the first 5 minutes and just could not catch myself back up. I tried following the moderator and taking a few short 5 second breaks, but I couldn't get myself back into it. It didn't help that I truthfully didn't feel like doing it in the first place and had been dreading it all day. I think my mindset was just totally not into it. But, thanks to my amazing blog community I got so many encouraging words when I posted this pic and told everyone of my failure...I was truly bummed and your encouragement made me feel awesome.

I haven't decided whether I'm going to continue on with the entire program. I think I kinda knew at the beginning I wouldn't make it all the way through but when I succeeded for the first 4 weeks I thought I was in it to win it.

And then Christmas happened. It was so hard to get motivated over this break. Not to mention the major amount of food I consumed. I'm sure whatever progress I did make went down the crapper as soon as Christmas Eve and our plethora of appetizers came around. I forgot how good cream cheese is. lol. Well...just cheese in general, really. And dinner?? With the mac and cheese and corn pudding?? Ugh. Divine.

So needless to say I failed. Again. I'm pretty sure there are more posts labeled "failure" than any other posts in this blog. lol.

One good thing that came out of break was the amount of time I got to go to the gym. I know I talked about it a little but I really really love going to the gym. Even if it's cardio....and I hate cardio. Something about being around other people holds you accountable for what you're doing. Can't look like a little puss out there lifting light and everyone knowing you can do better. Mike proved that to me over break. He pushed me. Hard. And I did more than I thought I could.

I think I always knew I wasn't a "workout video" kind of person. I mean honestly, I could have just told you guys that I did the work and really sat on my tush with a margarita. But I'm proud I prooved to myself I can do it...even if I didn't really succeed. lol.

I'm working on a way to get to the gym more often. I know that's the only way I'm truly going to feel comfortable with this journey. I can always do a video here and there, it's just the errryday thing I can't handle. Too much pressure.

Mike was a sweetie and waited for me to get home from work yesterday to go to the gym with me. Working out with him honestly gives me a ton of joy. I know....I'm corny...but it makes me feel great to know he's proud of me. He's my favorite person to impress. Plus, he shows me new moves and helps me perfect them for when I go alone. I know he's not always going to be able to wait for me, and I don't expect him to, but he honestly is the best workout partner I could ask for. (Even if we do get beer and Chinese takeout after the last night...)

I'm still working though, and I know I can do it. It just might take a while to get myself back into that mindset from last year. I know I can't change my lifestyle cold turkey, and I have to accept that and make this something that will last.


  1. Keep it up girl! Don't beat yourself just keep moving forward and know that tomorrow is always a new day to try again!

  2. I took a break from T25 over Christmas and while I was on vacation and having a hard time too. I came home sick and can barely walk across the room without being winded, so working out isn't happening. I know how you feel about trying to get back into and feeling like all the hard work has been undone. I was really down on myself about it today and blogged about it too. Tomorrow is a new day, I think we got this!

  3. I am proud of you for starting T25... cant be too hard on yourself. I think you did better then what i would have done! thanks for linking up with us :) I gained 3lbs over christmas, eeek. but have lost what i gained thankfully! Back on track now :)

  4. Thanks for Linking up :)
    This is how I look at it; there are so many ways to work out and exercise. Find the things that get you excited and go hard. If you don't enjoy it then you wont put your all into it, so what's the point.
    I tried out insanity... NOT FOR ME. haha at least not yet.

    You got this girl. :)